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Letter: Make Westwood into a park and keep the green space

Make Westwood into a park and keep the green space

The Amherst Town Board has a once-in a-lifetime opportunity and can choose between short-term gain and long-term payoff. They can obtain a 170-acre parcel in central Amherst to benefit the public or they can approve an enormous 10-year construction project with all the associated, all negative, impacts.

Situated adjacent to the Audubon golf course and near the Northtown Center and ideally located, Westwood would make a fabulous park for passive recreation with its paths, ponds and wildlife. It’s a beautiful site. Never had a building on it. The supervisor wants another sheet of ice at Northtown, add that and an outdoor rink for families. Ideas are endless.

Or they can approve 1,000 new housing units, yet another hotel and spaces for 2,500 car parking. On virgin land.

It’s an easy choice. If you are a long-term thinker.

Parks are an essential public service. And Amherst, a once handsome town, has lost much of its beauty to traffic, parking lots and hotels. A rare opportunity exists for Amherst to regain some of its footing.

So buy it. Float a bond. Beg the state for money. Find a way to make a bold statement for the future and act on behalf of the public.

Keep Westwood green. Make it a park.

Michele F. Marconi