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City Hallways (July 27) Sabres Spirit in the Hall

I thought this would  be good picture to post this week,  since there's so much excitement about the upcoming Sabres season. It was back in 2008 that the city auctioned off 800 sets of blue seats from the Old Aud. Looks like one set landed in City Hall, in the outer hallway of the mayor's office. (For those too young to remember, the Aud --- Memorial Auditorium -- is where the Sabres played before the current arena was built. The Aud was across from Harbor Center )

Calendar items
Joe Mascia's campaign manager scheduled a press conference for today to explain why she's leaving the campaign. My colleague Steve Watson on Sunday had story about this.

This one's not directly City Hall related, but I thought folks would still be interested. County Executive Poloncarz will be officially opening his re-election headquarters in Cheektowaga this evening.

More Mascia
When I got to work this morning, someone slipped a few pieces of paper under my door. One was copy of a New York Daily News article on Mascia's racial slurs, and another a copy of a similar article in the Daily Beast.

In other news
Too much politics lately? How about this as change of topic. An Auburn Street  woman wants to stable miniature Shetland ponies at her West Side home. She's asking the city if she can. We may get the  answer as soon as Wednesday. I'll let you know.

A plea for our children
Before the Common Council meeting ended last week, Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana talked about the heroin/opioid epidemic that is killing so many young people. He  almost begged  people to stay away from the drugs.
"Every day I'm getting calls from residents hurt by people on heroin," Fontana said.
Anyone using heroin, or who has a family member addicted to the drug, should call the 2-1-1- emergency services number for help, Fontana said.
"And shame on the idiots who sell this crap on the street. These folks who are selling it," added Council President Darius Pridgen. "I hope they get caught and go to jail for a very long time."
A few years ago, the Buffalo News ran a ground-breaking serious on the opioid epidemic, "Rx for Danger." While researching the series, I met Suzanne and Mark Crotty, whose son Zach died in 2009 from a prescription opioid overdose. He was just 19 years old. I've been working with Suzanne for the past year on an on-line book  based on the journals Zach kept while battling his  addiction. Suzanne believes Zach kept the journals hoping that his words  might one day help others struggling with addiction.  If you're interested in reading "Zach's Story," it's posted at  We post a new chapter each month. The latest chapter was posted today.

In today's Buffalo News and, my colleague Denise Gee has interesting column on what's happening  at the city's new traffic violations bureau

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