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Where we live: Lackawanna


The City Council Wednesday passed a resolution paving the way for a recreational trail behind the Senior Citizens Center at 230 Martin Road.

The resolution submitted by Mayor Geoffrey M. Szymanski sought approval to request a grant through the New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation for the project. The grant would provide funding to rehabilitate and restore the recreational trail behind the Senior Citizens Center which has deteriorated over the past several years. The trail would serve pedestrians and bicyclists.

Also last week, Councilman Joseph Jerge, citing the dismal shape of street curbs throughout the city, sought an estimate on the cost of repairs or replacements. “Many curbs are badly damaged or are simply gone,” Jerge wrote in the letter to Anthony DeSantis, director of public works. In seeking the cost of repairs, Jerge targeted both traditional curbs as well as drainage curbs beginning on the streets with the most damage. DeSantis indicated the replacement cost would be $65 per linear foot.

In addition, council members continued to debate the best way to recover funds spent on lawn maintenance and garbage pickup at vacant properties. Currently the cost of the services is added on to the tax bill for the property. Councilman Jerge wanted to know exactly how much has been billed during the last two years, the properties billed and how much the city recovered.