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Letter: Video merely showed us the truth about abortion

Video merely showed us the truth about abortion

Planned Parenthood receives over a half billion dollars every year from the government. Our tax dollars. Last week an undercover video was released showing Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the senior director of medical services, sipping wine and munching on salad as she casually described methods used to manipulate an unborn child’s body in order to best procure that child’s organs and body parts to sell for medical research purposes.

Her descriptions of “crushing above or below the thorax” or turning the baby to the breech position so the head could be delivered in the best possible condition were positively bone-chilling.

No civilized society should accept such exploitation of the unborn or their misinformed mothers. Some compare the practice to donating ones own body to science but, in fact, there is a vast difference. The unborn child is being destroyed and the clinic convinces the mother that her trauma can be turned to “good” by donating the body parts so future children will not suffer. What?

After 20 weeks, science has proven that the unborn can feel pain, even more acutely than we can. To cause extreme suffering for one child to “help” another avoid it is Machiavellian at best. The end does not always justify the means. If saving whales, turtle eggs and trees garners more protection than a tiny, vulnerable human life, then I believe history will write that Nazi Germany paled in comparison to the United States in 2015.

Wake from your slumber and, at the very least, contact your congressmen and senators. Planned Parenthood should not be receiving our tax dollars to fund their house of horrors.

Maureen Pratt