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Letter: Trump should be fired in Republican primary

Trump should be fired in Republican primary

As a pro-life Republican, I share Douglas Turner’s concern about the apparent ascent of Donald Trump in Republican polls. I only know one billionaire, who happens to be richer, far smarter and more humble than the egotistical Donald Trump.

I intensely dislike Trump’s waffling on the sanctity of unborn human life, sometimes supporting elective abortion and now, because of political expediency, opposing it. That said, I must agree with Trump that if he were to be elected president, Mexico would be forced to build a wall across our southern border.

Mexico would build that wall not to prevent Mexicans from coming into the United States illegally, but rather to prevent tens of millions of Americans from moving to Mexico while President Donald ruined America.

When the Republican primary comes, I look forward to telling Trump: “You’re fired!”

Richard H. Escobales Jr.