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Letter: Trump knows how to get publicity by stoking fires

Trump knows how to get publicity by stoking fires

A friend of mine in business said it does not matter how bad a commercial you make is, you just want it out so consumers hear (or read) your name. Even if people say the commercial is dumb, stupid, etc. they are talking about your business and remembering your name.

Now jump to Donald Trump. If he was merely critical of undocumented people and lack of an immigration policy, no one would pay much attention as it’s what all the Republicans are saying. (I still don’t know how any of them want to deal with it. That’s another issue.) So, he is rude, insulting, crude and now he has our attention. It is brilliant strategic planning. Name all the Republican candidates running for president. Who did you forget? No one will leave Trump off that list.

His next step was to personally belittle the other Republican candidates. What happened? The media jumped on it and now asks these candidates what they think of Trump’s comments. Ah, more publicity and he doesn’t have to pay for it. Win! Win!

He is a very skillful self-promoter.

Sandra W. Myers