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Letter: Instead of a new station, improve rail infrastructure

Instead of a new station, improve rail infrastructure

A new train station in Buffalo would serve as little more than window dressing for a transportation system sorely in need of a fundamental overhaul. Resources and government attention ought to be directed toward upgrading a service that seems to value the timely delivery of freight more than the timely arrival of passengers at their destination.

The American train system is an embarrassment compared to the efficient train systems in Europe and many other parts of the world. If local politicians judge service solely on the basis of travel between Buffalo and Albany, let them take a few trips west and see how often they can catch their connection in Chicago. Let them see how well the system responds when six trains full of people who have missed their connection arrive within minutes of each other.

Is it not possible that ridership is increasing simply because of an increasing national population with limited options? Perhaps it is not a testimonial to quality service.

A nice train station is always appreciated by travelers. However, the erection of a new station here and there is easy in comparison to addressing the glaring deficits in railroad passenger service overall.

Lynn Pitz