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Letters for July 26

Miller a member of Buffalo’s ‘Big Three’

It’s pretty apparent that Buffalo sports fans have been blessed with three of the best sportscasters in existence; Van Miller, Ted Darling, and Rick Jeanneret.

As Van has now passed and Ted has been gone for many years, I find it ironic that we have been so fortunate to have three of the best broadcasting our games while, for most of the time, our sports teams have been far from the best. Let’s hope that we are now entering a new era for the Bills and Sabres and that Rick and John Murphy get to call many championship games for us in the future.

Lou Speranza


Buffalo certainly can pass what Tampa Bay is doing

The Tampa Bay Rays are averaging only 15,000 per game and may be moving or for sale. They have 12 home weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) series this season and if that team was in Buffalo we’d have, worst case, 45,000 fans per weekend enjoying downtown and the waterfront – or a half million weekenders over the summer.

That’s only weekends and not the entire 81 home games (equaling 1.2 million fans) of a MLB team. Many of those visitors would be out of town fans staying downtown for two or three games of a series.

We have the basic ballpark (18,000 seats) and we have great summers. Why isn’t Buffalo playing its strong suit? Years ago Montreal took Buffalo’s MLB team so let’s grab Tampa Bay before Montreal does and play the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays in Buffalo.

Just for comparison, last year the Bills played eight home games 20 minutes from Buffalo and drew 540,000 visitors who probably stayed for six hours.

Phil Parshall


If Rex doesn’t produce, parks may get crowded

So Rex Ryan, the Bills’ new savior, thinks skydiving is better than visiting a “state park.” Add this to his quote on building a “bully” in Buffalo and it looks like we have a real open-minded, bright guy to coach our football team.

Not to mention, his career record is 46-50 and 12-20 in the last two years. This spells bad news for Bills fans, but good news for those visiting Allegany and Letchworth.

Anthony Pasceri

North Tonawanda

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