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Letter: Restaurateur’s behavior is odd, and beneath a successful man

Restaurateur’s behavior is odd, and beneath a successful man

Rocco Termini showed his true colors after getting angry when Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs showed up invited to a private business to sell hot dogs to its employees.

Frank is owned by two young brothers trying hard and apparently succeeding in their small business. This is evident by the fact that they were able to add another truck this year and hire more employees.

By all accounts they were not there to sell hot dogs to the public in front of Termini’s hot dog restaurant. What difference does it make if a company hired them to cater a private function and brought food inside the building?

If Termini had a request to cater his hot dogs at a business and Frank’s truck was nearby, would he have declined to do so?

For such a successful businessman, you would think he would be used to some competition. Instead he appears to be afraid of a small entrepreneur who was not even directly competing with his hot dogs.

Although I have yet to have a Frank Gourmet Hot Dog, I will definitely be buying one when I have craving for a hot dog.

Marilyn Perla