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Burglars take $16,000 in parts, tools from West Side auto shop

Thieves broke into a West Side automotive parts and service shop and stole more than $16,000 worth of tire rims, audio system components and electronic equipment late last week, according to a police report.

Managers at Big Boy Toys, 1455 Niagara St., near Potomac Avenue, told Buffalo police they discovered the theft when they arrived to open the shop Friday morning. They believe the burglars entered the property through a wooden fence and broke a window to get into the shop. The alarm system is triggered whenever a door is opened, but the thieves avoided opening any doors.

The burglars took a $6,200 machine that reads a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system, $3,500 in foreign car kits, $3,000 in high-end Forgiato tire rims, $2,500 in Boss and Pioneer car speakers and $1,200 in assorted car filters.

Business papers and other items were found in an adjacent lot and in a wheel barrel on Potomac near Niagara.