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Letter: So-called ‘good deal’ on Iran may prove not to be the case

So-called ‘good deal’ on Iran may prove not to be the case

Our president has been on TV often telling Americans that the deal with Iran to limit their nuclear capacity, if finalized, would be a good deal. He then has gone on to enumerate what a good deal will contain.

One of the main points was 24/7, any time, any where inspections of all Iran nuclear sites. Now that the deal is done the president has reiterated that the 24/7 any time, any where inspections are included in the pact. That is the most dangerous lie of the many lies surrounding this deal.

There will be no inspections of Iran military sites as this deal is written. If an inspection is wanted at other nuclear sites in Iran the Iranians can delay by 24 days, or so, the inspection by raising objections. There goes the 24/7, any time, any where demand.

This Iran deal will undoubtedly lead to an Iran with a nuclear weapon, just as the 1994 Bill Clinton deal with North Korea led to their getting the bomb 10 years later. Almost the identical words were spoken by Bill Clinton and President Obama assuring us that the deal they negotiated was a good deal.

A nation that proclaims that America and Israel are the great satans and shouts “death to America and Israel” should never have access to nuclear weapons. A people that believes killing infidels, that’s us, will grant their entrance to paradise, worth 70 virgins, if they die, even in a nuclear holocaust, makes me worry about the survival of humanity.

Lee J. Garaczkowski

North Tonawanda