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Letter: Low bail for drug dealer demonstrated poor judgment

Low bail for drug dealer demonstrated poor judgment

I am a retired prison/forensic psychologist with over 40 years’ experience with offenders in one setting or another, including drug-addicted individuals and drug dealers. I find it appalling that a judge would allow such a low bail on an individual who is already out on bail for another drug dealing charge.

I understand that bail is pretty much a guarantee of appearance on the trial date. However, the system needs to be changed to address situations such as this. For felons and accused drug dealers bail laws should be amended to act somewhat as probation or parole does for repeat offenders.

When a probationer or parolee violates a condition of their release, they can be re-incarcerated. So it should be with a drug dealer or felon who again is arrested. Their bail should be revoked and they should be remanded back to jail to await trial on both charges.

Ron Hestand