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Letter: Let’s have a conversation about the future of Buffalo

Let’s have a conversation about the future of Buffalo

We all play different roles in our daily lives. I am a mother to my children, a professional at work, a daily runner at the park and a friend to many. This summer I have taken on a new responsibility, that of activist in the City of Buffalo. I have proudly signed on to promote public education in our city through the Buffalo Believe Ambassador program.

You may have already seen some of my committed colleagues in your neighborhood. We are knocking on doors and having positive conversations on front porches around the city, talking about the nature and importance of public education. We are promoting the fact that the Buffalo Public Schools have seen increasing graduation rates over the past two years and that 64 percent of our students who do graduate are going to college. Our teachers are highly trained and our families are diverse. We are celebrating our progress and listening to stories from citizens of their personal experiences with our public schools.

Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy. Many of us have benefitted and prospered because of our access to a free and appropriate public education. But these are dark times for public education, as many do not understand its importance and significance in our history and to our future. Ask yourself where you would be had you not met that one teacher who saw your potential, or helped your child, or pushed you to achieve?

We ambassadors are a diverse group of parents, teachers, community activists and committed citizens. We are proud and thrilled to be part of the “new Buffalo” and can’t wait to talk to you about your hopes for education in our city.

Kate Haq