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Letter: Hearse theft proves humor is important in midst of grief

Hearse theft proves humor is important in midst of grief

As the father of the deceased man whose funeral Mass saw the theft of the empty hearse, I would like to comment briefly on the July 16 News article, “Hearse stolen outside church during funeral.”

Yes, we were shocked by the unimaginable incident, but it was a welcome shock. It broke our grief, turning it into knowing laughter. My late son always brightened our lives with his colorful jokes and hearty laugh while alive; we couldn’t help but think he enjoyed a last laugh.

I would like to emphasize that my family does not blame C. Mertz and Son Funeral Home in any way for what took place. They have always displayed the utmost professionalism and solicitude for us at this time of loss and handled this strange situation as best as they could, comporting themselves with their customary dignity for which we are most grateful.

If anything, while theft is, of course, inexcusable this bizarre episode recalls the need and the importance of laughter in life, especially in the midst of its most difficult and sad moments

David Brown