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Letter: Remember Swift Boat attack amid current Trump ruckus

Remember Swift Boat attack amid current Trump ruckus

Here we go again. The hypocrisy spewing from the mouths of the right-wing pundits and politicians denouncing Trump’s attack on John McCain’s war service can only be described as astonishing.

Clear thinking and honest folks can have no disagreement with the concept that those who have served, whether being given a “hero” designation or not, should never be exposed to the type of garbage “The Donald” used suggesting that McCain was not a war hero.

However, if we roll back the film a bit we can stop at the infamous “Swift Boaters” and their Republican allies who challenged John Kerry’s patriotism and war record gleefully and openly, slandering him in the process. Anyone remembering that nauseating fiasco would also remember the sick display of bandages decorated with purple hearts many republicans wore as a sign of solidarity on that disgraceful and coordinated effort to do what Trump is now being pilloried for by Republicans and media outlets.

The outrage would be laudable if it weren’t for the fact that during Kerry’s pillorying they remained conspicuously silent in kindred agreement that Kerry deserved to be slandered. Nary a one of them came forth denouncing the coordinated effort to besmirch Kerry’s service to his country. Count me as befuddled as to why this story isn’t being discussed in a comparative manner by the mainstream media and why it is so wrong to do now but acceptable back then. If you cannot discern the appalling double standard being used to attack Trump, then you are not paying any attention.

Stephen Saracino