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Letter: Judge’s low bail decision defies all common sense

Judge’s low bail decision defies all common sense

If one lives long enough, one will eventually read an article that defies all logic and I read one such article in the July 19 News. Seems that Buffalo City Court Judge Betty Calvo-Torres overlooked every bit of pertinent evidence in the case against Dellsean Hamilton, allowing him to leave custody by unilaterally imposing a picayune amount of bail for what could have been a possible jail recommendation considering the multiple offenses in the indictment. The perp was already out on bail for a previous drug charge, was arrested with 2,100 bags of a potentially lethal drug, a substantial amount of cash and three weapons, enough to raise at least the possibility that he was not exactly a stellar citizen.

Not allowing the prosecution to follow established court procedures is tantamount to judicial misconduct. No wonder the law enforcement bloc is upset. They have every right to be after seeing Hamilton leave the courthouse, perhaps never to be seen again.

Scott Patterson