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Letter: Flags symbolize our past and where we are headed

Flags symbolize our past and where we are headed

A new, multicolored flag has appeared over our nation demanding allegiance. Possessing greater political, economic and legal power than our tricolor, it threatens swift and absolute retribution to any who dare to oppose it.

Concurrently, our tricolor is being relegated to a position of meaninglessness. To proudly wave Old Glory is perceived in many schools as oppressive and is either suppressed or relegated to isolated “free speech” zones.

A third flag, recently shamed into oblivion, had served as a necessary reminder of our nation’s violent past and our ability to heal, albeit imperfectly, the division it had wrought. Lest we forget, racial bigotry and hatred is not limited to a region, nor is it fueled (or cured) by a flag.

Flags are symbolic, but in the rise and fall of these flags the symbols are in no way related. The new flag is waved by a powerful elite, most of whom possess no legitimate governing authority, backed by incredibly wealthy multinational corporations and recently won political and legal clout, as certain CEOs, bishops, bakers, photographers and food franchises have learned. A reorientation of the populace is underway. Activists in the schools are unmooring our children from their faith and family.

Thought police are monitoring our public and private opinions, in effect, suppressing our freedom of association, speech and exercise of religion that had served as the certain foundation for the true dignity of humankind.

A new day is dawning, America. Are you ready?

Anthony V. Stockus