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City Hallways (July 22) LoCurto's Curtain Call

Calendar Items
The Fast Food Wage Board Mayor Brown chairs is meeting today in Manhattan. The group is expected to recommend an increase in the industry's minimum wage.
Today's Sewer Authority Board meeting rescheduled to Wednesday July 29

LoCurto's curtain call
It was Mike LoCurto's final council meeting Tuesday. So when the agenda items were done, Council President Darius Pridgen walked down from the president's chair, holding a plaque that he presented  to LoCurto, thanking  the 44-year-old lawmaker for his nine years on the council. Pridgen mentioned LoCurto's support for such issues as  LGBT rights and participatory budgeting.
"It's been a great run," LoCurto said. "I always saw my role on the Council, besides taking care of the  District, as a way to give voice to people who often don't have a voice  in government."
After LoCurto spoke, Pridgen invited other councilmen to talk. It was a chance to perhaps roast LoCurto, to mention his chilly relationship with Mayor Brown, or perhaps the political
bruhaha over LoCurto's pulling out of the Delaware District race so late in the political season that  the Democratic Party ended up picking his replacement -LoCurto's cousin.
But none of that was mentioned. Instead, LoCurto's colleagues, one by  one, talked about LoCurto's independence, integrity, and intellect.
"In the three years I've been on the council, what I've learned from Mike is his independence," said South District Councilman Chris Scanlon. "It's been impressive. It's rare to watch someone remain  as independent as Mike has."
"I want to wish you well," North District Councilman Joe Golombek added "I appreciate you were always a gentleman at times when we did disagree."
With that, there  was then a lot of picture taking - including some photos shot by LoCurto's parents, who were in the audience - before LoCurto left the chambers. He's scheduled to start his new job as deputy commissioner of the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning at the end of next week.

Fillmore Race
Sam Herbert was at Tuesday's council meeting, sitting in the audience not too far away from the veteran Fillmore District  councilman he hopes to replace, Dave Franczyk.
I told Herbert I heard he's no longer working in the County Clerk's office. When I asked Herbert if he was asked to leave the part-time job, he repeatedly refused to give a yes or no answer, instead repeating that he left Friday to devote more time to the council campaign. Herbert also said he's  still waiting to hear if he's going to make  it on the September ballot.  His petitions are being challenged by his Democratic primary opponents, he acknowledged. Herbert said  he's not challenging either of his opponent's petitions. Democrati Joe Mascia also filed petitions for the seat.
"The more the merrier,"Herbert said.
As I said before, this race has  potential to get real nasty.

Wanna buy a used car?
Newest used car lot approved by the  city is at 1261 Hertel Ave. with a five-car maximum.
I think I mentioned before, City Hall seems to have a lot of used car lot applications.

In today's Buffalo News and on, here's story I did on Tuesday's council meeting.

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