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Super Handyman: Unsticking a stubborn drawer

When you can no longer open a drawer because it is overstuffed, it’s time to clean it out. But if you haven’t done so yet, you may find that you can’t even pull the drawer out any longer. Usually it’s because something is sticking up above the inner drawer and blocking it from being pulled out.

One way to remedy this is to slide a spatula or yardstick into the drawer and push down what is sticking up and in the way. Of course, once you have the drawer open, you would be a fool not to go ahead and clean it, right?


Q: My kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned. They feel sticky, and I don’t know what is causing it, but I want to get them really clean. Also, should I put some sort of sealer over the stain? – D.N.

A: Use mineral spirits paint thinner to clean off the airborne grease, which probably is what is making them feel sticky. If they don’t have a finish, you can apply polyurethane once they are clean. This will seal them and make future cleanups easier.

Tips from readers

I was trying to glue the laminate back down on the top of our kitchen table. I only had two clamps that were wide enough to fit over the tabletop and no more. So I got a couple of long two-by-fours and used the clamps to hold them both on top of and underneath the table. The clamps held the two-by-fours down tightly, and so far, the glue is holding. – R.A.


Before I painted, I wanted to give my dining room floor molding a little upgrade, but I was on a tight budget. What I did was install a small piece of half round molding along the wall 2 inches above the existing molding. Then I painted the molding, both pieces of the half round molding and the wall between them so that they would look like one very wide piece of molding.

It looks great, and with the rest of the paint, it turned out so rich-looking. – J.Z.


We have a lamp way up on the top of our porch, and it’s too high to reach with any of the ladders we have. When the bulb burned out, we tried to figure out a way to replace the bulb. First, we put some double-sided tape on the end of our longest piece of PVC pipe. Then we pressed it to the bulb.

It stuck, and we were able to unscrew the old lightbulb. Then we used the same tape to install the new bulb. It worked! – S.V.

A super hint

If you haven’t tried using a headlamp or a similar flashlight that attaches to your head, you need to. This is the greatest way to work in a dark cabinet, closet or crawl space, because you wear the light and still have both hands free!


The old-fashioned sliding barn door is “in.” I see them all over the place these days. But you don’t have to use the heavy-duty hardware that is traditional or dig into a wall to install a pocket door. Now you can buy a more sleek, stylish hardware package in the Commercial Grade Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware from Johnson Hardware. It can be installed right on the face of your existing wall and will hold a variety of doors.

Find out more about the different styles available at This might be the perfect solution for you.

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