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President hoping for softer treatment from Stewart; Gronk "Feud" big local hit

Will Jon Stewart go a little easier on President Obama on “The Daily Show” at 11 tonight than he did back in 2012 during the re-election campaign?

Or will Stewart take his best shots again in the President’s seventh and final appearance on the show a few weeks before Stewart exits stage left? (Several appearances were before he was elected.)

Those questions certainly are worth asking after hearing what a former member of the Obama Administration said Sunday on CNN about President Obama’s last appearance with Stewart.

On CNN’s media show “Reliable Sources” hosted by Brian Stelter, former White House press secretary Jay Carney said the President’s 2012 appearance with Stewart surprisingly was one of the tougher one-on-one interviews he had to endure.

“The single most difficult, most challenging interview he had to endure was with Jon Stewart,” said Carney. “He grilled him on a lot of issues and put the President in the hot seat. We went to a place a lot of people would have perceived as a friendly environment and he got chewed up pretty good.”

Since Stewart is on the final legs of his “Daily Show” tour on Comedy Central and President Obama is on a political victory streak of sorts, I imagine the host might not be as tough on him as he was in 2012.

I also imagine that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump might come up as a topic.

On Monday’s show, Stewart annihilated Trump for his latest comment on Sen. John McCain that has stirred more outrage than Trump’s previous ridiculous stand questioning whether the President was an American citizen.

In any event, “The Daily Show” should be must-see TV tonight.

In case you missed it Sunday, the Gronkowski family decisively lost their “Celebrity Family Feud” battle with the family of Holly Robinson Peete. But Rob, his father and three brothers sure looked like they had a good time.

Rob danced up a storm and danced around a "Feud” question aimed at his New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady of Deflategate fame.

The Gronk showed he was no dummy by initially declining to answer the loaded question of what can be inflated and deflated.

“I don’t even want this one,” said the Gronk. “Then I’ll have to answer questions all the time.”

The Gronks’ portion of the show was a huge hit in Western New York. The first half-averaged about an 8.9 rating on Channel 7, which is extremely high for a Sunday program or any summer program. The second half hour with two other celebrity teams dropped to a still healthy 7.4. The program was Sunday’s highest-rated program here.

In case you missed it, host Joel McHale had an indirect joke on the ESPYs last week dealing with the recent arrest of Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, who is on administrative leave after an incident in Florida involving a beach chair in which he is accused of punching a boy.

In regards to the recent boring Floyd Mayweather- Manny Pacquiao fight, McHale cracked “I’ve seen better fights over beach chairs. Has a new meaning this week.”

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