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Letter: Letter writer gave an unfair depiction of diverse areas

Letter writer gave an unfair depiction of diverse areas

How easy it was for a July 12 letter writer from Williamsville to disparage the City of Buffalo, the Town of Cheektowaga and the historic Lovejoy neighborhood.

I read it with interest as to his view regarding the battle flag removal from the South Carolina state building, but could not understand his demeaning of everyone who lives in the above-mentioned areas of Western New York. Basically calling them racists.

I can only speak of the Lovejoy area, where I have lived forever and where the homeowners love their homes and take excellent care of them in planting flowers, putting up new roofs and keeping grass trimmed. This area, also called Iron Island, was the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Buffalo and has, over the years, absorbed people from all over the world, originally Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Greece and more.

Now, as in all areas, there are people moving in from the Middle East, black homeowners and more. There have been no problems as at least 85 percent of the homes are well taken care of.

The problems come from slumlords who bring in unsavory tenants, people who own property who live out of town and have property managers who don’t do their job properly and gluttonous politicians who only care about the next election. There are many people in these areas who are trying to keep home and hearth together despite the naysayer.

Hopefully, I will be able to live out my life in my diverse and beloved Lovejoy/Iron Island neighborhood.

Marge Thielman Hastreiter

VP/Curator Iron Island Museum