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Effort underway to get a Republican on ballot for Delaware District councilman

There’s an effort underway to get a Republican candidate on the ballot for Delaware District councilman.

Two former GOP city chairmen obtained what they believe are enough signatures to enable a Delaware District GOP write-in primary. If they are successful, the winner of the GOP write-in would go up against Democratic candidate Joel P. Feroleto in the November general election.

A so-called “Opportunity to Ballot” petition was also filed for a Conservative primary write-in candidate, which could mean there could be three candidates on the November ballot. The petitions for the Republican and Conservative lines were filed by two former chairman of the city Republican Committee, Dennis Ryan and William E. Nowakowski.

“The voters of the Delaware District will get the real choice they deserve,” said Nowakowski, noting that neither he nor Ryan are eligible for the seat because they don’t live in the Delaware district.

The current city GOP leader, Tracey M. McNerney, Monday said she has nothing to say about Ryan and Nowakowski’s actions beyond what she’s previously said of Nowakowski.

“He acted like a dictator the entire time he was chairman,” she previously said of Nowakowski. “Because he did not get his way, he decided to run this committee into the ground.”

It will be at least a week or two before it is determined if the petitions are ruled valid by the Board of Elections.