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Letter: Raise minimum wage, reduce government aid

Raise minimum wage, reduce government aid

A previous letter writer notes an increase in the minimum wage would decrease the amount of government assistance these workers need. I believe this is the best argument for increasing the minimum wage. Just increasing the minimum wage is a win-lose situation. A win for workers but a loss for employers since the increase in wage expense would have to be offset by an increase in selling price (not likely in today’s environment) or a decrease in employees (a big loss to some employees).

On the other hand, an increase in the minimum wage coupled with a decrease in some government assistance programs would be a win-win situation. The workers would receive additional income and the employers (since a decrease in government assistance programs would decrease government spending and therefore decrease taxes) would offset additional wage costs by a decrease in taxes.

If the above equation is reduced to its lowest form, employers are paying their employees instead of the government, which seems to make the most sense.

Unfortunately the only thing I hear from politicians is “raise the minimum wage,” period.

James E. Reschke