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Letter: Hiking minimum wage will eliminate workers

Hiking minimum wage will eliminate workers

In response to a July 13 letter, raising the minimum wage is not the answer. Economics 101, when you raise prices, you decrease demand. The letter tried to demonize business owners as coldhearted. Most who own businesses, like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons, are local people who took a huge financial risk buying a franchise. They work 90 hours a week, and they don’t get a paycheck if there is no profit at the end of each month. Also, the government tries to demonize the oil companies for making 4 percent profit on a gallon of gas, all while they tax the oil companies 15 percent on that same gallon of gas.

Raising the minimum wage causes unemployment. A McDonald’s owner will have to work a shift himself instead of having another employee. McDonald’s is installing kiosks for ordering, which eliminates workers. Whatever happened to hard work, education and improving one’s position in life? There are programs available for free training, or tuition assistance. A two-year degree with a trade can change everything.

We need a federal government that encourages growth in business. Democrats have instituted so many regulations and restrictions on business, along with the highest corporate tax among developed countries, that we now have the fewest number of Americans working in over 40 years. Fewer jobs means lower wages. Hillary Clinton, if elected, will keep this problem going, pushing emotion and divisiveness, rather than putting forth any real solutions. For those who can’t find work, remember who is to blame. We can also blame Bill Clinton for sending jobs overseas when he signed NAFTA. We all want everyone to do better, but we need real solutions.

Next November, if Hillary is on the ballot, the decision is as easy as ABC – Anyone Besides Clinton.

Martin J. Dziwulski, MBA