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Letter: Expand cruelty law to include wildlife

Expand cruelty law to include wildlife

After hearing about the torture of a snapping turtle in Niagara County, it has become blatantly clear that New York’s existing aggravated animal cruelty law needs to expand and cover wildlife. For this case to be prosecuted only as a misdemeanor instead of a warranted felony is truly disheartening.

Everyone who witnessed this horrific act of cruelty should be held accountable.

To quote Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Are we not trying to teach our youth to speak up and combat bullying?

Another great injustice is that the teens remain anonymous. Law-abiding citizens have a right to know who resides in their neighborhood or even right next door. Statistics show that animal abuse is a predictor of future behavior and can be a warning sign of future violence toward people. For those involved to receive a mere slap on the wrist for such a heinous crime begs the question: Who will be their next victim?

Anna Lukaszewicz