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Subaru postgame show

The races in the Elmwood Village Friday night have been covered on this site and in our pages. However, a couple of more points need to be made about the Subaru 4 Mile Chase.

This event took a big step forward this year.

There were a couple of important developments. In the running area, it was a case of quality and quantity. In the men's field, there were about 10 runners who ran the first mile in 4:20 or so. That's incredible. Yes, not many could keep up the pace, but these were quite clearly top athletes. Meanwhile, the field included more than 1,300 runners. In other words, plenty of less-than-world-class athletes were on the scene. It really helps the atmosphere when there are so many runners around. I'm not sure if it was a record turnout, but it's quite a switch for a race that used to have something like 500 runners only a few years ago.

Off the streets, the event featured live bands starting in mid-afternoon and playing through the night, a VIP tent, sponsor areas, etc. That all helped give the idea that something big and nice was going on, which can make an event feel special. I don't think I've seen a Subaru with this sort of buzz in the air, and I've been around the race since about 2002 as a participant or reporter.

A large "nice job" goes out to the organizers, who are definitely headed in the right direction.

-- Budd Bailey

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