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Letter: Lack of civilized debate doesn’t bode well for U.S.

Lack of civilized debate doesn’t bode well for U.S.

Are we approaching our second civil war? Not between blacks and whites, North and South, or Democrats and Republicans. I am talking about a war between citizens who appear to have completely different values and view the United States through a completely different prism. It is puzzling to me as I watch and listen to the political talk shows how completely contrary the views and conclusions on the same issue can be. Often times the arguments presented appear to be both logical, factual and passionately held.

I used to believe that this was all healthy debate and consistent with our country’s spirit of democracy. But now, as I observe such extreme positions on just about every issue in the news, I am reaching the conclusion that we are two completely different cultures existing in the same country. I wonder how long this extreme divisiveness can continue? Sometimes the comments get vicious.

Where is the middle ground that would improve our country? Does it even exist anymore? How will our nation’s problems be solved? Will it take another civil war to allow these points of view to somehow coalesce?

Lou Speranza