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Letter: Confederate flag has the right to fly freely

Confederate flag has the right to fly freely

In recent weeks, it seems as though the American left has declared war on the Confederate flag. The flag has been part of American culture for 150 years. While it may be true that a small percentage of Confederate flag wavers are haters and racists, the flag is an integral part of American history, dating back to the Civil War era. Thousands of Americans died defending the Confederate flag, albeit in a losing cause.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage. It is now the law of the land. I think it is fair to point out that millions of Americans who belong to conservative religions bitterly oppose this ruling. Can you imagine the reaction of the American left if anyone dared to suggest that the rainbow flag come down?

Also, the Canadian flag flies freely around town. I don’t remember Canada ever being a part of the United States. I believe all three flags have a right to fly.

Robert G. Peterson