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It seems to us: Letting go of the phone, we learn Rex can float and Pluto poses for a closeup

Our addiction to technology has gotten so out of hand that new companies are sprouting up with the sole purpose of getting us to unplug. How pathetic. And yet, extremely necessary, since we’re all hooked. Well, most of us. Wait, we’ll check our “friends” status … yep! We’re hooked.

According to a New York Times article published in The Buffalo News, companies such as Ringly connect its ringtones to a smartphone filter so that users can silence some email or Facebook notifications while preserving “important” alerts that might have something to do with the baby sitter calling about the kid. There are other companies willing to help people unplug, for a price, of course. Apple Watch has to be the more well known, designed to get users to pay more attention to their wrists.

The most ironic device has to be the $12 NoPhone, described as a piece of plastic that looks like a smartphone but does absolutely nothing. Classic! Gotta go, now. Our phone notifications are going crazy.

Terry Pegula, you may now exhale.

The owner of the Buffalo Bills and employer of Rex Ryan, the team’s new coach, must have had some pangs as his chosen leader jumped out of an airplane on Friday.

Yes, he had a parachute. And, yes, it was a tandem jump, with the Bills’ risk-taking head coach strapped to a member of the Army’s Golden Knights parachute demonstration team at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

The jump went off without a hitch and Ryan returned safely to Earth, overflowing with excitement and utterly determined that none of his players will follow his lead.

Good idea.

It was an incredible moment as an American spacecraft reached the outer limits of our solar system Tuesday, speeding by the dwarf planet Pluto and sending home arresting photographs of its rendezvous with a world never before seen so clearly. It took more than nine years, and included a nail-biting, Apollo 13-moment when it seemed, at almost the last possible moment, that the mission might fail.

But it all worked out and now we know that Pluto has a complex surface that may include cliffs, snowfields and evidence of a collision that looks like a giant, heart-shaped feature. Earthlings are explorers by nature and it makes for fascinating discoveries.

Good-bye, for now, Pluto. On to Bullwinkle and Snagglepuss.