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Cleaning job on Craigslist fleeces Lockport-area woman

TOWN OF LOCKPORT – A woman applying for a job on Craigslist became the victim of a scam recently, Niagara County Sheriff’s investigators said.

The victim told deputies that after applying for a cleaning job, she was contacted by a man who asked if she would be interested in cleaning large homes in the Lockport area. She also was told that he would send a check to cover supplies and the first few weeks of her salary, deputies said.

When the victim received a check for $1,950, she was told to deposit it into her account, then transfer it to another bank and then wire it to an address in Oklahoma, deputies said. After folowing these instructions, deputies addded, less than a week later, she learned the check had bounced and she was out not only the $1,950 – but $30 for a returned check fee.

The check was written from a Pennsylvania account, deputies said. An investigation is underway.