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Letter: Trump’s straight talk is a breath of fresh air

Trump’s straight talk is a breath of fresh air

Donald Trump might be a blowhard at best, but to me he sounds like a breath of fresh air. His controversial stance on immigration might be a stretch, but his facts are consistent with reality. His dogmatic personality is unique and gives the voters a choice. That choice is to let us try to reclaim our country again or be fooled by an imposter taking us down the yellow brick road, only to find out who is hiding behind the curtain – Hillary Clinton.

While the Obama administration has taken on the disposition of an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, it has become open season regarding police, talk of removing a president from our currency, eliminating the Confederate flag, failed foreign diplomacy and a host of domestic problems gone awry.

Trump promises to mix it up with various solutions, rather than the diversion and compliancy that have been the trademark of the Obama administration.

Anthony Hammill