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Letter: There’s no such thing as ‘free’ birth control

There’s no such thing as ‘free’ birth control

A recent news item offers “a glimpse into how the cost of birth control is shrinking as the law pushes it toward zero,” thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

This is another outbreak of the tragically misleading mindset that insurance money is free money, that it doesn’t “cost” us anything.

Companions of this mindset are “free” government money and “free” credit.

But sometime, somehow, these all must be paid. And the kicker is the very considerable “handling” charge that always gets added on. And yes, it’s always the poor who end up paying.

With insurance, it’s around 40 percent processing costs and insurers’ profit.

With credit, it’s the approximately 20 percent fee – that’s one dollar out of every five no longer available to purchase things. And with government money, it’s the debt pushed into the future, onto the backs of our progeny, and the future borrowing at additional interest needed to pay the original interest on the government loans, needed whenever government runs out of other people’s money.

With the Greek example now unfolding before us, and many others in history, the news media would do better service to all by avoiding such misleading bits as this one on birth control costs, or at least explaining them more completely.

As for affordable care, if it’s that successful on birth control, I can’t wait for similar legislation on food and other necessities.

Joseph Deck