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Letter: Don’t punish motorists with lower speed limit

Don’t punish motorists with lower speed limit

A recent writer estimated it was only three minutes’ difference traveling at 30 mph on the Scajaquada. This example is flawed because she would have to be the only car on the expressway. How long would it be when there are 12 cars ahead of you waiting at the red light at Parkside Avenue? Why is it that all motorists have to be “punished” with lower speed limits when all that was needed were guardrails to separate vehicles from park visitors?

This expressway was built to get cars from point A to point B. They do not travel this route to take in the beauty of the surroundings. After all, there is a city garage located on the expressway; no beauty to be seen there.

The knee-jerk reaction with lower speed limits is not the right answer. We need a smoother traffic flow throughout the city, not a slower one.

Chris Nasca