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Ch.2 takes silly weather competition on local news to new heights today

You have to admit the weather competition in local news has gotten to a laughable, silly state.

And I’m not just talking about Channel 7’s morning program before it was recently tweaked or Channel 4’s belief that viewers need meteorologists Don Paul and Todd Santos to deliver forecasts on the same newscast a few minutes apart.

The weather stakes are expected to be raised even higher at 5 p.m. today when Channel 2 “steps up its weather coverage,” according to a promo running on Twitter.

That’s when it plans to unveils the innovation it has been trumpeting for days in promos – weather forecasts from the roof of its building on Delaware Avenue. You could say it is a higher version of Channel 7's old Weather Outside.

The idea behind the rooftop weather station is to showcase the Buffalo skyline while giving the weather forecast.

I’ll try to watch. But the truth is I am very afraid of heights. I even have to look away during the movie previews for an upcoming movie, “The Walk,” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt about French high-wire artist Phillippe Petit.

There is no word on whether the station will introduce the weather segment with the song "Up On the Roof" by The Drifters.

Note to Channel 2 weather anchor Kevin O’Connell and other forecasters who may be called on eventually to get up there: Be careful out there.

I’ve been assured – and I assume so has O’Connell – that he will be nowhere near a ledge and the area where he will doing reports is fenced in.

Channel 4 has upped the ante in its promos telling viewers how many more stories it has run in a month than Channel 2. The latest promo had the figure at 170 more stories. Which, of course, doesn’t mean much unless they were good stories. Channel 2 tends to run longer, more interesting feature pieces and fewer crime stories than Channel 4 does.

I didn’t watch all of the ESPYs Wednesday night, partly because I ran out of Kleenex and partly because three hours is a long time to watch.

But the highlights I witnessed were Devon Still’s emotional speech about the fight his daughter Leah is battling against cancer and Caitlyn Jenner’s terrific speech about acceptance after winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Still’s speech hit the Jimmy Valvano trifecta. He made us laugh, think and cry – the three things that late Valvano said in his memorable speech make for “a heckuva day.”

Amherst’s Rob Gronkowski also made a nice, brief speech after winning the comeback player award.

The three-hour program averaged a 4.2 rating on Channel 7, with the rating dropping to a 3.5 after 10 p.m. when Jenner’s speech was carried. Hopefully, many more people will  catch Jenner's speech on the internet or via links on social networks. Nationally, ABC reportedly won the night by a wide margin in households with the ESPYs, getting a 6.0 rating.


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