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Letter: Obama’s silence speaks volumes

Obama’s silence speaks volumes

I am waiting for our president to weigh in on the vicious killing of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and came back into the country each time. This guy was in jail in San Francisco and released without telling Immigration and Customs Enforcement because San Francisco is a sanctuary city, in direct violation of federal law.

This lovely girl was killed because of liberal policies. So why hasn’t President Obama said one word about this killing? He didn’t waste any time going on national television talking about Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown or the killings in South Carolina. Is it because if he had a daughter, she wouldn’t look like Steinle, or is it because all of the other victims were black? Not one word from him; no questions answered from his press secretary. Why is that?

My analysis is that Obama is the president only of the people he wants to be, not all of us. His silence is deafening. I don’t know how long sanctuary cities are going to continue to break federal law. It is in the power of the Justice Department to see that these sanctuary cities do not exist, but that will never happen as long as liberals are in charge.

I feel sorry for the family; they should be outraged.

Nicholas Karam