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Criminal summons issued for Kromer's son in altercation; what's next for Kromer?

The son of Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has also been arrested, the Walton County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.

Zachery Kromer is accused of grabbing ahold of a different boy than the one his father allegedly pushed, punched and threatened Sunday morning in Walton County, Fla., over the use of beach chairs.

A judge decided Zachery Kromer will be issued a criminal summons, which means he'll be arrested on a charge of simple battery without actually being put in custody. He will not have a mug shot taken and put in jail, but will need to report to the courthouse to have his case heard.

As far as Aaron Kromer's next step, a Walton County (Fla.) Sheriff Office's representative says it has been turned over the First Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. It's now up to Kromer to decide whether or not he wants a speedy trial. On Tuesday, the Bills decided to put Kromer on paid administrative leave, giving them more time to investigate with the NFL.

Kromer, who was charged with a misdemeanor battery, may want his case resolved quickly or he may choose to wait and allow more developments to come to light. That will depend on his lawyer's approach.

The victim allegedly punched by Kromer is younger than 18 years old and stands 5 foot 8, 140 pounds. Kromer is 6 foot 4, 210 pounds.

He is accused of punching the minor and then threatening to kill his family if he told police. The minor also had visible “swelling and some bruising” to the left side of his face.

One report hinted that Kromer may claim self-defense.

"It was dark out. He couldn't see the people," one source told Fox Sports. "The kids were belligerent and threatened him. Bottom line, they stole his property and he couldn't identify them because it was dark out and they threatened him."

Asked about this, the Walton County Sheriff's representative said that in the arrest report the boys were able to effectively identify Aaron Kromer as the one who confronted them. From their point of view, the incident wasn't as foggy.

"They could see him in the dark," the representative said. "They knew exactly who confronted them. So there was no coming back to the house of 'We don't know who did this.' They knew as soon as they got back to the house and they called authorities to say who attacked them.

"The boys positively identified him. They identified him by name when the caller made the 911. So they knew who it was. It's not for me to say if Aaron knew what he was doing or who it was, but I can confirm that the caller knew who it was."

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