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Online supporters aim to buy back evicted veteran’s house

A second online “” page seeking donations for Johnnie H. Hodges Sr., the 90-year-old World War II veteran who lost his Humboldt Parkway home to debt, has raised $1,455 from 18 contributors so far. The goal is to raise an estimated $99,000 so the house can be purchased and returned to Hodges.

“We’re slowly getting there,” said Greg Elwood, who set up the fundraising page.

Donations raised on another page that had been set up by Robin Hodges, the veteran’s daughter, are in the process of being transferred to the page created by Elwood.

“The transfer will give us a combined total of about $3,000,” Elwood said.

Robin Hodges told The Buffalo News she no longer wants to be directly involved in the fundraising efforts in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Elwood explained that the donations will be placed in a special bank account that only the veteran can access.

The gofundme page is at and has been named “Buffalo Supports WWII Vet – Hodges.”

Elwood said his motivation for spearheading the drive was out of respect for the Greatest Generation, whose members fought in World War II.

“There are not many members of the Greatest Generation left and my hope is that our generous community will step forward to help,” he said.

Hodges’ story, first reported by The Buffalo News, has since appeared in The Washington Post and on