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Letter: Politicians overreact when tragedy strikes

Politicians overreact when tragedy strikes

In the words of former President Ronald Reagan, “Here we go again.” Case No. 1: A motorist driving on the Scajaquada Expressway hits a family in Delaware Park, injuring a young girl and killing a small boy. A terrible tragedy. Certainly a horrific accident. The reaction is to immediately lower the speed limit to 30 mph and suggest rerouting the expressway away from the park. I read in the paper that the driver said he fell asleep behind the wheel of the car. Would he have done any less damage if he was driving at 30 mph?

Case No. 2: A mentally ill, deranged young man murders black people after a Bible study meeting in South Carolina. The media show and print pictures of the perpetrator holding a Confederate flag. They imply that he was a Confederate sympathizer and the flag made him do the evil deed. Politicians ban the flag from the statehouse and remove it from visibility. Good grief. What would they do if he was holding our U.S. flag?

This makes better press and gives politicians another “pat myself on the back” moment. After all, another election is coming to soon to a neighborhood near you.

John Dolhon