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Letter: Common sense, courtesy are sorely lacking today

Common sense, courtesy are sorely lacking today

Kudos to Patti Lupone, who took a cellphone from a theatergoer who was texting during the performance.

I, as well, am exasperated with the rudeness of live audiences in movie or live theaters as well as for speakers. Talk shows are equally guilty, with everyone speaking at once.

I was recently at a Kensington High School alumni meeting. We were all chatting when we first arrived. Our president approached the podium ready to begin the meeting and something amazing happened – everyone hushed, to allow our president to speak uninterrupted, and not a single mobile phone rang!

We did not have to be told not to carry on conversations or silence our phones. We simply did it. Common sense and courtesy prevailed. After his announcements, we enjoyed a lovely reception. I guess we were taught correctly. Any other action is not only rude, it is ignorant.

Sharon R. Schwedt