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'Battle of the bulge' starts in the gym, table, doctor says

Sleep, exercise, proper medical care – and blueberries – were among the things on the mind of Dr. Richard Vienne Monday as the chief medical officer at Univera Healthcare stopped at Canalside to talk about the importance of men’s health.

Vienne, 52, who also works in a primary care practice at the Lifetime Medical Group in Amherst, talked to a small crowd during Refresh Mondays in The Buffalo NewsRoom at Canalside, at Washington and Scott streets, across from The News.

Refresh Mondays will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekly through August; guest speakers will give talks at 12:30 p.m.

“The battle of the bulge is at the gym and at the table,” said Vienne, who has gone down five pant waist sizes in recent years after he stepped up his exercise and diet routines.

“Motion is lotion,” he said about the need for exercise.

He also told his audience that the antioxidant properties in blueberries make them the most super of super foods.

Vienne stressed that a doctor-patient relationship “should be a partnership, not a dictatorship,” and that patients should overcome their fears to talk to their physician about any health and wellness concerns they have.

Men should first get tested for blood-sugar levels at 25, cholesterol at 30, and prostate health at 50 unless other factors suggest earlier testing, he said.

He also said that day-to-day focus on wellness and disease prevention is vital for longevity.

“Prevention is so key,” Vienne said. “That’s where we (in the medical profession) have got to do a better job.”

Read more about Vienne’s tips for good men’s health here, in a piece that ran in WNY Refresh on Father’s Day weekend.


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