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Letter: Raising minimum wage would help curb poverty

Raising minimum wage would help curb poverty

I know how hard it is to have two jobs and at the same time go to school. Raising the minimum wage would give those of us who struggle the opportunity of a lifetime. It would better each and every individual’s life, because we wouldn’t have to depend only on obtaining $8.75 an hour; $15 an hour would give us a chance at a better life.

By giving us this opportunity, we would be able to supply for ourselves. A lot of people wouldn’t have to depend on food stamps, no longer depending on the government for assistance. We would have a better chance of becoming more involved in our lives.

We have to be honest with ourselves. The way these big businesses and big monopolies are operating is not the American Dream for us. Something must change and the change starts now. The change starts with all of us coming together and protesting and letting those who are in power and those who run these businesses know that something isn’t right. We as Americans must begin this change and stand up for ourselves.

Mayor Byron Brown has to let Gov. Andrew Cuomo know how necessary and important it is to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It would allow people living in poverty to live a more prosperous life.

Elda Pichardo