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Letter: Confederate flag wavers are betraying America

Confederate flag wavers are betraying America

The “noble cause,” states’ rights, and other lies of the purpose and mission of the Confederacy are confounded by their very written words as proof positive that the only grievance that was real to them was opposition to the continued maintenance of slavery. Cotton may have been king, but slavery was imperial. All seceding states left in support of slavery and against other states’ rights to prohibit slavery and the retaking of slaves on their free soil. Not quite the states’ rights that today’s reactionary conservatives so vehemently worship.

The Confederate battle flag has been flown by the KKK, neo-Nazis and other home-grown terrorists. It has backed segregation as a return to legal enslavement, church bombing and burning, lynching, murder, criminalization of people and their legalized sale into a system of forced labor for the profit of others – all against the language of the 14th Amendment.

And for the gun-toting Second Amendment spouters, you don’t get to cherry-pick the Constitution if you say you own arms to protect the rights of all Americans. That includes the right to vote freely as an American citizen and not to be forced to battle to vote, as has happened in recent national elections.

If an elected or appointed official supports unconstitutional aims over an oath of office that requires protection of constitutional rights of others, that official should be summarily removed from his office or appointment.

You have the right to wave your flag and to speak your opinion freely, as I have mine. In my opinion, these are the actions of traitors to our Constitution and its symbol, the American flag, which symbolizes our rights and waves over all Americans; not the battle flag of spurned American rights and hatred.

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora