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Read up on legal cases involving the Buffalo School Board

As noted in today's story, outside lawyers are increasingly being used to mediate disputes among members of the Buffalo School Board and to defend against legal complaints filed against them. This has resulted in significant increases in board legal expenses that are ultimately borne by taxpayers. Board member Carl Paladino figures into multiple complaints filed by current and former district administrators.

Below are some of the documents The Buffalo News received from the district through the Freedom of Information Law and from lawyers representing the complainants in these matters. These represent legal complaints filed by current and former district employees against the school board over the past two years.

  • NYS Division of Human Rights complaint filed by Rashondra Martin, the Buffalo school district's general counsel, against the Buffalo Board of Education and Carl Paladino. This is apparently the first of two discrimination complaints she has filed: Rashondra Martin DHR complaint
  • NYS Division of Human Rights discrimination complaint filed by Casandra Wright, associate superintendent in the Office of School Leadership, against the Buffalo Board of Education and Carl Paladino: Casandra Wright DHR complaint
  • Amended lawsuit by Yamilette Williams, former chief of curriculum, assessment and instruction, against 2013-14 Buffalo Board of Education members and numerous current and former administrators. She is suing Paladino additionally on defamation charges: Yamilette Williams suit - 2nd amend
  •  Notice of claim with similar defendants as Williams filed by Faith Morrison Alexander, former chief of school leadership: Faith M. Alexander notice of claim

In addition, Paladino has filed cases to unseat board member Barbara Nevergold, when she was serving as board president. The school district incurred legal expenses defending her. Here's the link to a story we have previously written on that.

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