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Get cheap or free stuff for reviews

My friend Becky gets free and ridiculously cheap stuff from Amazon all the time. We’re talking everything from electronics, toiletries and kitchen gadgets to art supplies, jewelry and clothing.

Every day, new stuff – selfie sticks, wine decanters, gourmet olive oil – lands in boxes on her doorstep. Sometimes she pays $1 per item, sometimes it’s $3, but often it’s free. To get all that free and heavily discounted loot, all she has to do is promise to leave reviews about each product on Amazon.

Want to know the coolest part? You can do it, too. You just have to join a free, reputable Amazon review site, such as or

These review companies get paid by Amazon Sellers to put their products in the hands of reviewers, in order to bulk up the number of customer reviews displayed with their products on Amazon.

As a reviewer, you browse the available products and request the ones you want to receive. If you get approved to review it, the site will send you a product link to the item, along with a promo code that will greatly discount the price at checkout or drop the total cost to zero. Once you get the product, you test it, review it and keep it. Simple as that.

Some sites require you to have an Amazon Prime membership, so that you receive items quickly and don’t have to pay for shipping.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to give it a try.

Leave high-quality reviews. They should be detailed, thoughtful and well-written, without typos or spelling errors, and include information helpful to shoppers who are comparing products. Often, there are only a few units of certain items available, and you could be competing for them against hundreds of other reviewers. Building a reputation as a good reviewer will help you get first dibs on the best products.

Another way to stand out is to take product photos and include them in all your reviews. Sellers love that.

Read the rules and follow them. Every site has certain protocols you must follow – for example, most require you to leave reviews by a certain deadline or prohibit you from re-selling any of the merchandise you get through the site. Regulations vary, but one thing remains constant – site administrators are sticklers for making sure you comply.

If you run afoul of the rules, you may be put on a sort of “naughty list” that prevents you from being eligible for any new purchases until you’ve addressed the problem. Worse, you could get booted permanently.

Include a disclaimer. Paid reviews and fake reviews are against Amazon’s terms of service. Getting free products in exchange for honest reviews is not. If you’re suspected of leaving fake reviews, your account can be suspended. To prevent that, make sure every review you leave includes the words, “I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”

Keep your ethics in check. Users who leave glowing reviews for every product sometimes get approved for free merchandise ahead of other, more honest reviewers. People who continuously leave bad reviews may stop getting approved at all. To keep the gravy train flowing, you may be tempted to leave a better review than a product deserves. Don’t.

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Building a reputation as a good reviewer will help you get first dibs on the best products.