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Falls burglar jailed, told to leave neighbor alone

LOCKPORT – A Niagara Falls man who burglarized the home of a man who lives across the street from him was sentenced Monday to five years’ probation, but the first six months must be served in the Niagara County Jail.

“I get the impression you need an attitude adjustment,” County Judge Sara Sheldon told Christopher L. Perham, 24, of 18th Street, who pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree burglary for the June 29, 2014, crime.

Defense attorney David Mansour said, “This was a situation where the defendant was trying to collect a debt, and obviously should have used some other method than entering the house and stealing a television set.”

During last week’s sentencing of co-defendant Eric C. Shimmel, 30, of 13th Street, who was placed on probation, Sheldon learned of alleged harassment of the crime victim by Perham since the pleas were entered. Mansour pointed the finger for that at Perham’s brother. Sheldon told Perham that any further harassment of the victim will result in a state prison sentence for Perham.

He and Shimmel also must pay the victim $500 each in restitution.