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City Hallways (July 13) I'm baaaaack

Here's the back story on this week's  photo. Granted, it's not the most striking of the City  Hall photos I've posted, but it has a great story. I was reading through a pamphlet on City Hall architecture and got fascinated by the bronze railing on the back stairway leading from the first floor lobby to the basement of City Hall. Check out the four-pointed star in the center of the rail head.  The pamphlet said  it's similar to the stars on the facade of the Art Deco buildng at Jewett and Main Street that was once a Cadillac dealership, but is now a First Niagara Bank branch. I took a ride over to Main and Jewett, and found the building. It's  true. There are stars on the facade identical to the one in the brass stairway handle at City Hall. The star is  on the upper left in this photo, which is taken facing Main Street,  but the building has the same star designs at the other end of building, and on the Jewett side, as well.


Calendar items:
Mayor Brown will be on the steps of City Hall this afternoon with  officials from the NFTA, Visit Buffalo Niagara and Lamar Advertising unveiling new billboard and bus shelters  ads promoting Buffalo-New York City tourism. The ads will be appearing in both cities.

City Hallways back on the grid:
I'm back in  City Hall after 10 days off the best  (more on that later)  and am still trying to catch up with all that's been going on while I was gone.  Let's see.  Mayor Brown got to meet Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. Dave Rivera is now Common Council Majority leader and  Ellen Grant is no longer deputy mayor.  For those keeping count, that's the fourth  deputy mayor to come and go since Brown took office in 2006.  First was Angela D. Joyner, who left after four months on the job. Her replacement, Donna Brown, no relation to the mayor, left in 2010. Steve  Casey left in July 2014. And now Grant, who replaced Donna Brown, is heading out. Still remaining is Betsey Ball, who was recently hired to replace Casey.

Money Matters: North District Councilman Joe Golombek
Our continuing look into how council members raise and spend money today turns to Golombek's spending reports.
The North District Councilman raised $87,233  and spent $47,074 from 2007  through December 2014, according to reports filed with the state Board of Elections.
Here's Golombek's top contributors, those giving $1,000 or more:
Independent Taxi - $4,400
AFSCME 35 - $3,000
Peter and Ellen Reese - $1,800
Mayor Brown campaign committees - $1,250
Tim VonderEmpten - $1,211
Carl Paladino companies - $1,000
Robert Hemingway - $1,000

Here's Golombek's biggest expenses, those of $1,000 or more:
American Legion Post, fundraisers - $16,459
Riverside Review, Printing - $6,722
Mr. G's Catering, fundraiser - $4,560
Keller Bros. & Miller, literature - $1,957
Real Conservatives of Erie County, printing and contributions - $1,310
Beer Goggles bar and grill, campaign petit - $1,193

Fun to go, glad to be baaaaack.
So as I said, I'm  back in City Hall after being gone for 10 days. I  went on a family vacation to  Machu Picchu in Peru. It was very cool. Here's a picture. It's one of my favorites, taken by one of my daughters.
And here's another that should be of  particular interest to those who read my past post about the Summer Solstice sun running from the Kensington Expressway to Buffalo City Hall.
The round, smoother, upper building in the right half of the photo is known as Machu Picchu's Temple of the Sun. It was designed by the Incas so that a beam of sun shines through the openings during the Summer Solstice and Winter Equinox.
tower of the sun

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