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Letter: Redefining marriage is a terrible mistake

Redefining marriage is a terrible mistake

A recent columnist brought up the false dichotomy that much of our culture has blithely accepted regarding marriage. She essentially claims that there is a “wall of separation” between the sacred and the secular when it comes to marriage, as if the two can be disentangled. Will the state no longer require a license for a church wedding, and will there no longer be any social expectations resulting from that union?

Whether the church or the state gives its blessing to a marriage, this cultural institution is rooted wholly in the reality that men and women are designed biologically to complement each other in procreation, and sociologically in raising children. Throughout history, regardless of the dominant philosophical or religious milieu, this fact was recognized, and various rites and practices were adopted to declare it publicly.

Even cultures that tolerated homosexual behavior never had the hubris to redefine what was plain to see – the fundamental union of marriage that exists between a man and a woman is impossible between two men or two women. And while recent history has highlighted the importance of fathers in raising children, are we “moving forward” by declaring that either a father or a mother is insignificant in a child’s life? Where will this “progress” lead?

Daniel G. Stayner