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Letter: New 30 mph speed limit should not be reversed

New 30 mph speed limit should not be reversed

A recent News article reported that Mayor Byron Brown and others have endorsed raising the speed limit on portions of Route 198 that do not go through Delaware Park. A couple favoring the increased speed was quoted saying that they avoided the 198’s 30-mph speed limit by “taking the side streets” where the city speed limit is, uh, 30 mph. This defies logic.

Another person stated that it’s dangerous for drivers to reduce speed to 30 mph entering the 198 from the Kensington Expressway’s 55 mph limit. Why is exiting onto the 198 any different from exiting the Kensington onto any other city street where the speed limit is also 30 mph?

There is no reason to even suggest raising the speed limit on any portion of the 198. Assemblyman Sean Ryan was quoted as saying “the 30 mph speed limit on the Scajaquada is permanent.” I hope the New York State Department of Transportation soon implements traffic-calming measures to help motorists obey the 30 mph limit.

The entire length of the 198 is 3.6 miles; at 50 mph it takes about four minutes and at 30 mph it takes about seven minutes – a difference of just three minutes for the entire length. Three minutes. Think about it.

Barbara Cady