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Letter: Fight plan to downgrade Scajaquada Expressway

Fight plan to downgrade Scajaquada Expressway

I am writing in regard to the attempt to downgrade the Scajaquada Expressway from a federally classified urban principal arterial expressway on the National Highway System to a low-speed, city street with intersections and/or roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.

This attempt has been underway for more than a decade. One of the problems with democracy is that in order to ensure that one’s voice be heard by one’s elected representatives and civil servants, one must be aware of what is actually going on. I, and I assume the tens of thousands of other people who use Route 198 every day, have not been paying attention. We probably wouldn’t have started paying attention if those who want a parkway hadn’t used the recent tragedy in the park to start speaking loudly.

The tens of thousands of us who use the 198 daily need to fight back hard and fast. All local media seem to be reporting the new parkway as a fait accompli, but it’s not. The tens of thousands of us who use the 198 can still be heard. We need to write, email or call our Assembly members, state senators, the governor and the state DOT and let them know in no uncertain terms that we want and need our expressway.

Robert F. Sacco