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Off Main/ July 11, 2015

Stones watch

Jumpin’ Jack flashbulbs: Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts visited the Darwin Martin House Friday, with pictures on the facility’s Twitter account. Another tweeted photo shows Ronnie Wood visiting the Cave of the Winds in Niagara Falls. On with the show.

Not so fanatical?

Bills fans have had a lot to get fired up about in this offseason. The team signed LeSean McCoy, Rex Ryan painted his truck in Bills colors, and season ticket sales are climbing.

But Emory Sports Marketing Analytics offers a different motivation. Using “hard data” to figure which teams have the “best fans,” it ranked Buffalo No. 28 out of 32. The website said it based its rankings on “market outcomes like attendance, prices or revenues,” and Dallas fans ranked No. 1. National talk show host Jim Rome ripped the “NFL Fan Equity List” rankings and came to Buffalo’s defense.

Rome also noted that Miami Dolphins fans were dead-last on the list.

Pink bird salute

Cheektowaga has long been kidded over pink flamingos on lawns of town homes.

The Town Board this week paid tribute to the man who invented the kitschy, plastic sculpture, Massachusettes native Don Featherson. who died June 22 at the age 79.

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